Scrutinizer Minute Introduction Series

Are you looking for a quick introduction series to get your Scrutinizer install up and running? Remember you can call support anytime and they will me more than happy to help but until then here are a few videos to get you up and going.

Episode 1: How to configure your NetFlow devices in Scrutinizer 

You just installed Scrutinizer and need to start monitoring your traffic ASAP. In this video you learn how easy it is to configure and start reporting on your  NetFlow or IPFIX related data.

Episode 2: Adjusting Scrutinizers Preferences

Interested in knowing what are the most important preferences to be set in Scrutinizer? Here are the top five recommended by one of Plixers top sales reps Steve Cunha.

Episode 3: Data Retention in Scrutinizer 

In this episode you learn about Scrutinizer ability to store a records of every conversation for as long as you need to. We dive into the data retention settings and some of the management intelligence that is built into Scrutinizer.

Episode 4 Using the NetFlow Reporting Engine in Scrutinizer 

One of the core strengths of Scrutinizer is its ability to report on anything that comes in via NetFlow. In this episode we learn some of the basics of the reporting engine to get the data you are looking for.

Episode 5 Using Scrutinizers Flow Analytics and NetFlow for Cyber Defense 

Not only will Scrutinizer give you complete network visibility but it can also provide a security layer with that same data. In this episode we will learn how to turn on Flow Analytics and have it  monitor for traffic patterns in your network cloud.


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