Identity-Aware NetFlow: PCI Compliance and Beyond

A twitter feed debating Australia’s  purposed government plans to log internet traffic caught my attention this morning and got me thinking about Identity Aware NetFlow.  Although storing user information is a hot topic for many countries around the world, the fact is that there are quite a few data retention laws that already exist .  Many companies are required to adhere to compliance laws and are scrambling to meet these requirements. This is why Identity Aware NetFlow has become such a valuable asset; it helps these companies meet their requirements with minimal overhead. It does this by using NetFlow/IPFIX technology which is already a part of their router or switches OS.

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NetFlow Europe: A visit with Plixer’s UK Reseller Teneo

While attending CeBit in Germany last March, I was able to meet our German reseller, TCC Gmbh, as well as our Nordic reseller, Plan Two. These types of meetings are important for two reasons. The first is being able to put a face with a name. Knowing who you are talking to and being able to associate that person with a physical meeting can go a long way in helping that relationship grow. The second is market understanding. In the international arena, having strong resellers who understand their client’s needs, as well as their country’s laws and regulations is necessary. It is the only way you can ensure growth in that country.

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NetFlow in the Royal Garden

Sometimes you see a name flash across your screen that draws your attention.  A few months ago I had one that did just that. When I decided to visit London I knew it was an attraction that I needed to see.

Kew Gardens London

I use the term “amateur horticulturist” loosely when describing one of my hobbies. I am still in the beginning steps of building a self-contained, hydroponic garden and fish farm powered by Arduino. By “beginning steps” I mean that I have a lot of bookmarks and interesting YouTube videos.

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Network Anomaly Detection with NetFlow and IPFIX Analysis

I was working with a customer last week who only wanted TCP, UDP, HOPOPT and ICMP on the network.  In addition to that they wanted to be alarmed if any other transport protocol passed through their Cisco ASA .  I introduced them to the Top Network Transports gadget in Flow Analytics.

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