TBT – NetFlow Rap with Mix Master

Wow, this brings me back. I only played a small part in this production, but boy was it fun. Most of the credit goes to the one and only Mix Master Mitch.

Back then Plixer was a small company over in Sanford, Maine. I mean, we were so close back then, nearly the entire team would play basketball in the parking lot after work. Good times. Even though it’s a much larger company now, Plixer still stays true to its razor sharp focus on flow technology.

I know, it sounds sales’e but it’s the truth.


Federal law requires schools to monitor network traffic

Sitting down this morning with a much needed cup of coffee I was alerted to this startling post from a cNet news feed.

“Thursday is the deadline for colleges and universities that receive Title IV federal aid to have implemented antipiracy procedures on their campuses as part of the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) ” – cnet

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Investagating and monitoring a phishing attack

In the latest episode of Scrutinzer minute we learn how to leverage flow data in Scrutinizer to investigate and monitor traffic from an attempted phishing attack. We explore how the Evil Jimmy D initiated the attack, got past the IDS/Firewall and how Scrutinizer was used as a Incident Response System to  detect and monitor for activity related to the nasty.

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Scrutinizer Minute Introduction Series

Are you looking for a quick introduction series to get your Scrutinizer install up and running? Remember you can call support anytime and they will me more than happy to help but until then here are a few videos to get you up and going.

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NetFlow Europe: A visit with Plixer’s UK Reseller Teneo

While attending CeBit in Germany last March, I was able to meet our German reseller, TCC Gmbh, as well as our Nordic reseller, Plan Two. These types of meetings are important for two reasons. The first is being able to put a face with a name. Knowing who you are talking to and being able to associate that person with a physical meeting can go a long way in helping that relationship grow. The second is market understanding. In the international arena, having strong resellers who understand their client’s needs, as well as their country’s laws and regulations is necessary. It is the only way you can ensure growth in that country.

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NetFlow in the Royal Garden

Sometimes you see a name flash across your screen that draws your attention.  A few months ago I had one that did just that. When I decided to visit London I knew it was an attraction that I needed to see.

Kew Gardens London

I use the term “amateur horticulturist” loosely when describing one of my hobbies. I am still in the beginning steps of building a self-contained, hydroponic garden and fish farm powered by Arduino. By “beginning steps” I mean that I have a lot of bookmarks and interesting YouTube videos.

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