Federal law requires schools to monitor network traffic

Sitting down this morning with a much needed cup of coffee I was alerted to this startling post from a cNet news feed.

“Thursday is the deadline for colleges and universities that receive Title IV federal aid to have implemented antipiracy procedures on their campuses as part of the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) ” – cnet

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Identity-Aware NetFlow: PCI Compliance and Beyond

A twitter feed debating Australia’s  purposed government plans to log internet traffic caught my attention this morning and got me thinking about Identity Aware NetFlow.  Although storing user information is a hot topic for many countries around the world, the fact is that there are quite a few data retention laws that already exist .  Many companies are required to adhere to compliance laws and are scrambling to meet these requirements. This is why Identity Aware NetFlow has become such a valuable asset; it helps these companies meet their requirements with minimal overhead. It does this by using NetFlow/IPFIX technology which is already a part of their router or switches OS.

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